The transparent society – Policing

In recent years the Government have been looking at ways to become more transparent. Because of this there are now more large datasets available than ever before. These cover many subjects from Nursing to Geology. The problem with this data is that it’s not provided in an accessible way. With much of the information just dumped into large CSVs or excel documents. The transparent society will be a project that aims to change that. It will take these large data dumps and graph them into a more usable visual formats. This will allow users to understand information about their area, politics and livelihoods. This could enable them to make more informed decisions about the areas they live in.

The first of these graphs will be focusing on an area that affects all our lives, the Police. There are many ways we can gauge the effectiveness of our Police services. I’ve chosen to focus on the crimes solved statistics. These are all available through the Justice Inspectorates websites and shows stats for all major forces in the uk. This as you can imagine is a massive data set but this graph is only focusing on a small amount of that data. The areas I’ve focused on are
All crime

All Theft

All Burglary

All Robbery

All Violent crime

All Sexual Crime


The data currently only runs up to 2012 but in the next few weeks this will be updated to their most recent information.

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