Hello world! Launching the site…

Hello world! Finally finally got round to finishing my personal site. Its currently in a beta state just working on creating content and sorting out some of the edges. There has been many redesigns and changes since I first started this process mostly due to taking too long and my tastes changing. It just got to the point where it was either ship it or ship nothing.

Shipping nothing can not be allowed to happen. So I’ve decided to get it out there and see what happens, there’s bound to be changes as I move forward. Many posts to write and code to clean up, but it feels great to have this out in the wild.



I’ve gone for a very simple feel to the design using large images, bright colours for impact and concentrating on the content. Most of the background images will becoming from Unsplash this is an excellent image source. I’m also going to link to the photographers other work just because these guys are giving away photographs like these for free and I feel its the least I can do. They manage to launch ten new photos every ten days and the quality of these images is mind boggling. I then decided to use a bit of css3 coolness to add gradients over each of the background images. This is done with the excellent plugin Advanced custom fields and allows me to choose custom colours for each post.
Typography is always an area that I struggle with so I spent quite a bit of time reading around the subject before making my choices. I ended up going with three font choices. Megrim for headings I like this because its a pretty unique font with eyecatching shapes for each of the characters. I then paired this with Roboto Slab for the main body of text. This gives the user a clean tidy font to read with. The final choice is Raleway I’ve decided only to use this for the logo and main menu this is a simple, clean and stylish font and should b very eay to read. Overall I’m very happy with the design but that doesn’t mean it won’t change any time soon.



At the minute content here is a little thin on the ground but I’m going to be working on that. I have about a lot of posts from my old site and I’m working my way through those. The problem with most of these is that the web development world moves quickly so most of that content is out of date. Most of the posts I’m planning to write will be tutorials, personal projects and opinion pieces. I’m hoping to get at least one of these a week written but this will obviously be down to how much time I have. The worst thing I could think is that I end up doing this work and never use it as with many online blogs. But I’m not going to punish myself if I don’t get time.


Wrap up

Its good to have something out and its been a long time so hopefully I’m not going to be too rusty. Over the next few days I’m going to be adding some older blog posts, then I’ll be working on some new stuff including a post on something I did last week but thats for the future. For now I’m going to sleep.

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